2017 Review of TSheets

From the 2017 reviews of Time Management systems.

TSheets is best suited for small to mid-sized businesses that need a way to track and schedule employee time, though it also offers the ability to track hours to specific jobs and projects for client billing if desired.  TSheets offers excellent integration capability with a wide variety of third-party applications as well.

TSheets is completely web-based, and offers numerous ways to track time.  Apps are available for both iPhone and Android smartphone and tablet users, with all features in TSheets available using the mobile app as well.  There is even an option to track time via text.

TSheets offers numerous ways for employees to clock in and out, with managers able to create an automatic clock in/clock out reminder for all employees.  Employees can track their time using an online punch time card, with users able to track specific jobs or projects if necessary.  A manual time card entry option is also available, which uses a simple spreadsheet, making this a good option for salaried employees that need to track their hours to specific programs, such as nonprofits.



A kiosk option is also available for users that are normally working from a single location.  The Time Slider option is a feature designed to easily correct previous time entries.  Ideal for employees that are working remotely or for service businesses, TSheets offers the ability to track GPS location while on the clock.  A Chrome App is also available that can be downloaded and pinned to the dock or start menu of your desktop, making it easy to clock in and out, switch jobs or tasks and take your well-earned breaks, with all entries automatically synced to your TSheets dashboard. 

For those that need to track client time, TSheets can also track billable expenses such as client meetings, phone calls, research, or travel time. Other time tracking options include the ability to use Twitter to track time.  There is also a dial in time tracking option that can be utilized from a landline.   TSheets also tracks Paid Time Off (PTO) and helps comply with DCAA/DOL regulations, a necessity if working with governmental agencies.

TSheets also contains a scheduling feature that allows supervisors and project managers to schedule employees, either by job, by task, or by shift.

An Invoicing Add-On is available to businesses that are not currently using QuickBooks, Xero, or Gusto integration options.  Once the add-on is installed, users will need to set job codes to Billable, set an hourly rate for each billable code, and then create the invoice.  Users can preview the invoice prior to saving, and then simply finalize it and generate a PDF, which can be emailed or mailed to clients as needed.  For those using QuickBooks, Xero, or Gusto, all billing information would simply be exported directly from TSheets, with users able to create invoices as desired.

TSheets offers a good selection of standard reports including approvals, payroll, project, employee job costing, and time tracking reports.  All reports are available in real time, with users able to view up to date employee time, sorting by date, payroll period, employee, group, or project.  Users can also easily run a timesheet approval report that includes all related timesheets.

Once time has been approved, the related timesheets are locked to that particular payroll in order to ensure that the payroll balances with the submitted timesheets. Users can also run project reports which allow proper allocation of employee time to the correct job code.  All reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel, to a CSV file, or saved as a PDF.  

TSheets offers excellent integration with a variety of popular third-party applications such as QuickBooks Online, Quickbooks Desktop, Gusto, Xero, Square, Paychex, Sage, and ADP.  TSheets can also build out custom reports and integrations for a one-time fee. 

The TSheets Help Center offers users access to the product knowledgebase, which offers easy browsing in a variety of categories including Getting Started, Schedule, Kiosk, Administrators, Managers, Employees and Payroll.  Users can also access the FAQ’s, watch a webinar, and access a variety of resources that are available from the Small Business Resource Center.   Toll-free product support is available during extended business hours (Sunday through Friday), with users also able to access support via email or chat if desired.

A good time tracking option, particularly for businesses using QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, Gusto, Square, and Xero. TSheets offers three plans; a free plan for a single user with unlimited projects; a 2-99 user plan that runs $4.00 per user per month, with a $16.00 base fee added each month, and a 100+ user plan, with the base monthly fee increased to $80.00 per month.  Users also have the option to add scheduling capability for $1.00 per user per month.  TSheets also offers a free demo that users can download directly from the TSheets website.


2017 Overall Rating 4.5 Stars