2017 Review of AccountantsWorld Practice Relief

From the 2017 reviews of Time Management systems.

Practice Relief, from AccountantsWorld, is ideally suited for small to mid-sized accounting firms. Practice Relief can be used as a stand-alone time and billing solution, though it is best when used with other AccountantsWorld applications.  

Practice Relief, like all AccountantsWorld products is cloud-based, with users able to easily access the application from PC and Mac computers, as well as mobile devices. Practice Relief comes preconfigured with common tasks and expense types, though users can easily create additional tasks and expenses during the setup process. During the setup process, managers can assign up to 10 default rates for each system user. The system also features an intuitive user interface that allows users to quickly access necessary system functions, with function access based on assigned system access levels.

Practice Relief offers flexible time entry options, with users able to simply enter time manually by simply selecting the appropriate client, entering the type of task performed, and then recording the time spent on that particular task. Users can choose to add notes to each time entry for easy future reference. With both default rates and tasks assigned to each employee, there is limited data entry necessary when entering time data. All time data is entered onto the electronic timesheet, with users able synchronize appointment information from Microsoft Outlook’s Calendar, converting the completed appointment to a billable task. In addition, Practice Relief allows managers to override billable time on any submitted timesheet. Users can also easily track and bill expenses if necessary.

AccountantsWorld Practice Relief


Practice Relief offering solid invoicing functionality, with users able to generate invoices directly from tasks and expenses entered. Users can also easily invoice clients on retainer, as well as create an invoice for any related business expenses that are typically billed to clients. An invoice template is available for users to utilize, or an invoice can be created directly from the tasks and expenses already recorded. Users can also post all expenses entries separately, with users able to then choose what expenses to include on a client invoice. Automatic billing is also available, making it easy to process flat-rate invoices such as a monthly retainer fee. In addition, users can also opt to create a one-time invoice if necessary. Each invoice created in Practice Relief is assigned a status code for easy reference.   Client payments can be easily tracked, with payments easily applied to any invoice. Users can also issue a credit memo or write off an invoice in Practice Relief as well. Users can opt to print and mail invoices to clients or simply email invoices to clients directly.

Mentioned briefly in an earlier paragraph, Practice Relief offers sync capability with Microsoft Outlook’s Calendar, enabling users to send the related appointment information directly to billing.

Reporting options are solid in Practice Relief, offering three management report options; Client Reports, Staff Reports, and Firm Reports. Managers can easily track vital information such as overall firm performance, as well as individual employee productivity and profitability. The Realization Rate Report provides management with an in-depth analysis of each firm client, including the overall profitability of each client. Summary reports offers management a look at both billable and non-billable expenses for each employee. All reports created in Practice Relief can be exported to Microsoft Word and Excel, or saved as a PDF.

A completely integrated application, Practice Relief offers seamless integration with other AccountantsWorld applications including Accounting Power, eliminating time-consuming duplicate data entry, while keeping all payments and receivable information current. Practice Relief also integrates with Payroll Relief, which provides easy recording of any payroll-related tasks and expenses and the Email Broadcaster allows firms to stay in contact with the clients easily by sending emails to select clients or to all clients as desired.

Like all AccountantsWorld applications, Practice Relief offers solid online help functionality from any screen. All users receive free, unlimited product support with the purchase of the product, with free education and training options such as web-based seminars, available to product users as well.

Product support is available via telephone or from the Contact Us option on the AccountantsWorld website, with support available during regular business hours. The website also offers access to product-specific videos, and a newsletter.

Practice Relief, from AccountantsWorld offers excellent time management capability for small to mid-sized accounting firms. Though it can be used as a stand-alone time and billing application, those using other AccountantsWorld applications will reap more benefits using Practice Relief, which is currently priced at $495.00 per year, with a 30-day money back guarantee offered.

2017 Overall Rating: 4.75 Stars