2017 Review of ImagineTime Time and Billing

From the 2017 reviews of Time Management systems.

Well suited for both accounting firms and legal firms of just about any size, ImagineTime Time and Billing can be used as a stand-alone time and billing application or in conjunction with other Imagine Time applications for a complete practice management solution.

ImagineTime is available as a traditional desktop product, or users can choose to access the application via the cloud. Mobile apps are also available for both iOS and Android devices, with users able to easily access client information from anywhere Users can also email invoices directly from iPhones and iPads as a PDF. Similar functions for Android devices are coming soon.

Firms can choose to utilize the pared down ImagineTime Lite menu, which offers basic menu options for firms with less demanding needs, or use the standard menu, which offers access to the complete menu of ImagineTime features and options. Both menus utilize a ribbon style menu, with the menu completely customizable as well.

ImagineTime Time and Billing


After-The-Fact time entry offers users flexibility when entering time, with users able to enter time after a task has been completed, in advance of completing a task, or even days or weeks later. Separate sheets can be maintained for chargeable and non-chargeable time. ImagineTime also offers unlimited timers, with users able to use as many timers as they wish simultaneously, with the ability to pause a timer when necessary. All data collected from system timers can be automatically posted to a client file if desired. ImagineTime also tracks separate expenses, though they must be entered through the After-The-Fact option.

All billing and invoicing is completed from the Billing Dashboard, which provides users with access to vital billing and invoicing functions such as bill generation, viewing and emailing invoices, deleting invoices, or processing write-offs. ImagineTime creates five bill types, Detail Slip, Narrative Slip, Progress Bills & Final Bills, Fixed Fee Retaining/Recurring Bills, and SuperBills, with SuperBill templates available. The Invoice Format & Design screen allows user to customize invoices for clients, with the ability to add a logo, change fonts, add or delete columns, and add footers or payment stubs to an invoice. Users can post invoices after they have been previewed or printed. Invoices can be emailed from the posting screen.

ImagineTime’s reporting option offers a list of all available reports by category, with categories including Client and Contact Lists and Reports, Time & Expense Reports, Pre-Billing Reports, Invoice & Payment Reports, Client & Staff Performance Reports, and several other options. Clicking on a category will display the available reports in that category, with detailed description of the report on the right side of the reporting screen. ImagineTime offers an excellent selection of client reports, such as a Client Aging Report, a Client Snapshot Report, and Due Date Report. Both Staff and Client Activity reports are available as well, with users able to include chargeable or non-chargeable time or use a combined option to include both. To track time proactively, users can run daily or weekly Time & Expense reports, as well as an Invoices/Payments report. The Daily Totals report is also a good management tool, providing management with a staff listing of all billed totals for the specified period.

ImagineTime offers users two levels of QuickBooks integration; Basic which includes A/R integration only, or Advanced, which offers complete synchronization with subsidiary ledgers, which allows users to post invoices created in ImagineTime directly to QuickBooks. A QuickBooks import utility is also available that allows users to import customer names and other data directly into ImagineTime from QuickBooks. The product also integrates with several popular tax software applications including Lacerte, UltraTax, ProSeries, ATX, and Drake, with users able to import client names, addresses, and other contact information. ImagineTime also integrates with other add-on modules including Finish-Line Due Date, Workflow, Calendar and Contact Manager, Document Management and Remote Time Entry. Invoices and payments can be imported from tax software as well as clients.

ImagineTime offers an excellent selection of tools and resources for users, including the Online Manual. Users also have access to FAQ’s, a list of support programs available, and the ability to begin a remote support session. ImagineTime offers three levels of support; Silver, which includes 6 technical support calls, Gold, which includes 15 support calls, and Platinum, which offers unlimited support calls. All support plan levels offer product updates throughout the year. Support is also available on a per incident basis as well.

ImagineTime is a comprehensive time and billing application that also offers complete practice management capability. Ideal for firms that require more detailed time and billing options, ImagineTime pricing varies, depending on the deployment method chosen. ImagineTime Cloud starts at $30.00 per user per month, with add-on modules extra. The desktop version starts at $295.00 for a single user, with additional modules and users priced separately. Online training videos are available for virtually all aspects of the program.

2017 Overall Rating - 5 Stars