2017 Review of Harvest - Time Tracking App



From the 2017 reviews of Time Management systems.

Harvest is a time tracking app that is designed to work with desktop systems or smartphones. Harvest allows you to easily track time as you work using the included timers, or you can enter time after a task has been completed.

Time can be tracked to clients, projects, and tasks, and offers the ability to add notes to each time entry recorded. If you don’t want to use the timer, a weekly timesheet option is available as well. If you’re supervising others, the team option allows you to see all billable hours for each employee, as well as total hours worked.

Invoicing clients is easy, with the ability to pull billable time and expenses directly into an invoice, or user the free-form invoice to create a more custom option. You can also send invoices to clients directly from Harvest and easily accept client payments using the Stripe and PayPal integrations that are included. You’ll even have a recap of everything that’s been invoiced, including due dates and outstanding balances.

Solid reporting options are available, with good project tracking ability, along with project hours, budgets, and billable amounts. All Harvest reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel or as a CSV file.

Harvest is available in a free version, the Solo version, which is $12.00 and supports one user and unlimited projects, and Team, which is $12.00 per person, per month, and also supports unlimited projects. Users can try Harvest free for 30 days before purchasing.

2017 Rating 4.75 Stars