2017 Review of ClockShark - Time Tracking App

Clock Shark


From the 2017 reviews of Time Management systems.

Clock Shark is designed for niche industries such as construction and other trades that can find it difficult to track time accurately. Clock Shark is cloud-based, and works with mobile devices including iPad, iPhone, Windows Mobile, and Android. Clock Shark also allows those in the office to quickly clock in and out using the Web Punch Clock.

For those in the field, Clock Shark is designed to allow users to use their mobile device in order to clock in and out. The product also includes GPS capability, so employees can easily track the location of staff at any time.

Along with time tracking, Clock Shark also offers employee scheduling and CrewClock, which allows authorized users to clock in workers from a job site without each employee having to clock in individually. Clock Shark produces weekly time sheets for each employee, with users able to run timesheet reports by employee, job, or task. Reports are can be easily configured to reflect a specific date range, and notes can be included in the report as well.

All reports can be exported to a CSV file, or saved as a PDF if desired. Clock Shark allows users to easily sync jobs and service items directly from QuickBooks to Clock Shark. Supervisors and managers can also export timesheets created in Clock Shark directly into QuickBooks for easy processing.

Users have easy access to Clock Shark’s support page, which offers a Knowledge Base, Getting Started instructions and guidance, and a video library that provides short instructional videos that cover basic tasks. Phone support is available during regular business hours, with phone support available to U.S. and Canadian customers only. Clock Shark pricing includes a base price, which is $20.85, plus $4.17 for a single user. The price per user drops as more uses are added. Users also have the option to pay for the service annually, with a slight cost savings offered.

2017 Rating – 4.75 Stars