Time Tracking Solution for Intuit Online Payroll

No more manual entry when running payroll in Intuit Online Payroll! Entering hours manually in Intuit Online Payroll is now a thing of the past. With TSheets, importing tracked hours to IOP is as simple as one click.

To set up:

1. Track time in TSheets time tracker - the #1 rated app in the Intuit ecosystem. (https://www.tsheets.com)

2. Add the TSheets Chrome extension for Intuit Online Payroll. This is a free tool that allows TSheets to communicate with IOP. (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/tsheets-extension-for-int/fhplchdedjdjknjamlcidhlfofdaliml)

3. Click "Import Time" within IOP when you're ready to populate employee's hours with data from TSheets.


Learn more: https://www.tsheets.com/time-tracking-for-intuit-online-payroll